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Veterans Scotland Information Guide

This booklet includes details of the Armed Forces and Veterans Champions who have been established across Scotland to ensure that those who are serving and have served are not disadvantaged as a result of their service. It also brings together a wide range of help available to both the Armed Forces Community and those supporting them, the majority of which is available via the Internet. It lists some but not all of the organisations that provide support and advice to the Armed Forces Community. Additional information is available from the Veterans-Assist website.




Probably the biggest challenge when leaving the Services will be finding a job.  This section will never have a totally comprehensive selection of job sites, but we have tried to provide a selection of options as a start point. 


Veterans Scotland has over 70 Veterans’ organisations and they are supplemented by many more that operate UK-wide.
Most Veterans retain an affinity for like-minded people, so we have listed as many Regimental, Service and Campaign Associations as we can, including local branches where possible.


Finding somewhere to live when we leave the Services is usually our highest priority.  Most of us find a home to buy or rent, but for some of us, disability or other problems can make the process difficult. 

Health & Wellbeing

Many of us leave the Services with long-term injuries; mostly physical, but sometimes psychological.  And the system in civilian life is much more complicated than turning up to sick parade and then doing as you are told. 


Each Local Authority in Scotland and various other public bodies have nominated Armed Forces and Veterans’ Champions.


There are numerous organisations that can provide funding assistance to both individuals and organisations who are working to support the wider veterans’ community. Finding the most appropriate funding body is vital.


Poppyscotland - Northern Pathways Guide 

A Guide to Services for the Armed Forces Community in the North of Scotland.


Civilian Life in the Scottish Borders  

The Scottish Borders Council have recently re-issued their guide "Civilian Life in the Scottish Borders" which aims to support veterans and thier families who already live within the Scottish Borders or are looking to settle within the area.  It looks to give information and advice on a number of areas which may be of interest to the veterans community.  The link below will take you to a PDF verion of the document, however copies are avaiolable from the Borders Council on request.  

(Click here to view the document) 


Veterans First

A guide for people leaving the Armed Forces in Perth and Kinross.  This has been produced in partnership between Perth & Kinross Council and the local SSAFA branch.  It looks to deliver information about what is available to support our Armed Forces veterans in Perth & Kinross.  If you wish to view the booklet please click on the link below:



Shown below are links to external websites:

For those who are looking to become self employed Business Gateway have a range of information on starting up your business, funding of your business and growth of your business.



National Debt Help

Use My Money Steps to get free online debt help

Benefits and Financial Support

Government Guide to Benefits, Tax Credits and Other Support 

A number of veterans are unaware of the various benefits and other support that they may be eligable for and as such the link below will offer advice and guidance.

Welcome to Scotland Guide

A guide for Service personnel and their families moving to Scotland.


This booklet has been designed to help you with what you need to know about your move. We are a close-knit society and are committed to ensuring that members of the Armed Forces and their family members are fully supported when accessing our services. We have a proud track record of working in close partnership with local authorities, the wider public sector and charities to help us ensure you are able to access the best possible care and support. Ultimately, we hope that you will consider Scotland as your long-term home.


NHS Inform

Providing a co-ordinated approach and a single source of quality assured health information for the public in Scotland.
Age Scotland - Veterans' Project

The Veterans’ guide to later life in Scotland

Sources of Funding

From small grants to funding for big capital projects, using these tools and links on the document below you can track down various sources of funding you need to make a difference in your community.

Examples of a small number of these sites are listed in the link below to assist you.

Please note applications to these funding organisations are to be submitted as per their individual terms and conditions.  Veterans Scotland does not look to co-ordinate applications on behalf of third parties.