Working Groups - Education


The Employment Working Group in Scotland is supported by the MOD Career Transition Partnership working with a number of charitable organisations.

MOD Career transition support is provided for service leavers who have served a minimum of 6 years and takes the form of:

  • a resettlement grant
  • resettlement time
  • a career transition workshop
  • access to career consultant advice
  • advice on resettlement training
  • access to the CTP job search engine "Right Job"

An employment consultant service is provided for the Career Transition Partnership by:

  • Regular Forces Employment Association
  • Officers Association
  • Officers Association Scotland

This employment consultant service delivers:

  • Employment advice
  • Networking advice
  • Sourcing of vacancies
  • Marketing of service leavers to employers

Transition support is provided for a period of 2 years prior to discharge and for up to 2 years post discharge.

Where a service leaver has served between 4 - 6 years, a more limited employment support package is available.

For early service leavers who have served less than 4 years, there is no MOD transition support. However, while the 3 charitable organisations (RFEA, OA and OA Scotland) are part of the MOD Career Transition Partnership they also provide their employment consultant service to all service leavers regardless of the length of time they have served and date of discharge. The service is a lifetime support service which means that service leavers can seek employment consultant support at any time.

In addition, the White Ensign Association provides Employment Services for serving or former RN/RM personnel of all ranks. These services are complementary to those provided by the MOD resettlement organizations and comprise:

  • CV assistance
  • Networking contacts
  • Individual marketing